Goin’ To College To Get More Knowledge

There are many degree options when looking into a career as an event planner. “The typical degree routes an aspiring event planner could take are the 2 year certification, the 4 year bachelor’s degree, or the 5-6 year Master’s program,” (Event Planning Certifications, 2012, p.1). Although, according to the event planning certifications ,“A degree is not required in order to be an event planner, but it does help immensely in preparing you for the field as well as setting you apart from their competition,” (p.1).

Receiving an education is just the beginning. To stay ahead of competition, internships are vital. Internships allow hands-on experience that can’t be taught in the classroom. “Internships help set one apart from the competition while also allowing the burgeoning planner opportunities to see first-hand how the job is done right and what an average day/week/month is like in the field,” (Event planning internships, 2013,p.1). I found a great site that is a helpful tool to Find internships  all over the country (Browse Internships, 2013).

Below is a helpful video to help narrow down what internships are


(Why are internships important, 2012, nov.12)


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